Who We Are

The Barn was born when two families began meeting at one of their homes on Sunday mornings. Their time together was centered on a few simple concepts: God’s Word, worship, and fellowship. Each week, they sang, read and discussed the bible, and shared a meal.

Word spread. Within a few weeks, we’d outgrown the living room, so we moved to an unused barn on Pastor Mike’s property. And that’s where we’d invite our friends: “Come with us to the barn!”

The barn was old, with gaps between boards that let the light stream in. In the winter, we could see our breath as we sang. In the summer, it was hot and stuffy. But people kept coming, because The Barn met a need: to worship God. Together.

We eventually outgrew the barn, too, but we haven’t outgrown the things that brought us together in the first place. Each week we gather to read and discuss God’s word, to sing, and to share a meal.

We hope you’ll join us.